Cathy Deutchman & her mother, Rhea Brody

Today, we had the chance to film with Cathy Deutchman and her mother, Rhea Brody, again. This time, we were able to step into their daily routine and learn even more about what a normal day is like for the two of them.

During our visit, we documented Cathy and Rhea looking through old photo albums. Cathy informed us that with Frontotemporal Dementia, long-term memories aren’t affected, so Rhea is able to recall the important people that have been in her life for a long period of time. Looking through the photo albums helps her remember more about who she is.

Cathy taught us a lot about how to help those with dementia maintain their dignity. She talked to us about how Rhea would never leave the house without looking her best, and Cathy helps her continue to do so to this day.

We also witnessed some of Rhea’s physical activities, which included dancing and walking. With the help of her instructor, Lauren Martinovski, Rhea is able to keep moving, which is drastic in helping those with dementia maintain their motor skills.

We want to thank Cathy, Rhea, and Lauren again for allowing us to learn more about dementia through their daily routines. Through them, we feel that we can teach so many people about what it’s like to be on the front lines as a caregiver.

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