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For years, Alzheimer’s has devastated the lives of millions of families. The disease is the 6th leading cause of death in America.

Every 66 seconds someone in the United States develops the disease.

In the past ten years, a great deal has been learned about this life altering disease. Our baby boomers are surging into their golden years like a tsunami. Millions of Americans are hitting their 65th birthdays with a vision of living well into their 90’s -- healthy and active as long as they stay proactive about their lifestyle.

But what if their life’s path is destined to be different? What if because of genetics, environment, or just misjudging their own lifestyle, they wake up one day with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or a form of dementia for which there is no cure? This is the beginning of a slow and long goodbye to family, loved ones, and friends - slipping into a devastating totally unknown abyss for all involved.

I know this only too well, as I had to watch my father, as his caregiver, slip into this abyss. That is so devastating and cruel it's hard to imagine. That was 2003.

I always vowed to one day do what I could to help families facing the same fate.

The time is now to step onto the FRONT lines with those who are in the fight both personally and professionally. I hope you will join the team and support us any way you can. This film will launch on PBS in Michigan next spring with a multi-city theatrical community tour to follow.

Executive Producers:

Tony & Mary Schimizzi
Jack & Annette Aronson
Keith Famie

Community Leaders:

Bob Gillette /
American House
Jim & Cathy Deutchman
Marjory Winkelman Epstein
Dr. Michael & Nancy Stone
Dr. Allen & Annette Stone
Robert Stone
Todd and Karen Sachse
Arthur Roffey, Ph.D.
Gail Danto
Marvin & Lauren Daitch
Jason & Rachel Zimmerman
Susu Sosnick
Bluma Schechter
Margo & Doug Woll
Russell J. & Carolee Ebeid
Rosalind & Clement Hopp

In memory Of those who lost the battle with alzheimer's or dementia:

Graziano Schimizzi
Ronald Reagan
Charlton Heston
Rita Hayworth
Sugar Ray Robinson
Peter Falk
E.B. White
Rosa Parks
Robin Williams
George Lee Anderson
Peter Breck
Eddie Albert
James Doohan
Norman Rockwell
Estelle Getty
Albert Famie
Glen Campbell
Thersea Ebeid

OUR SUPPORTERS